I received my 2nd vaccine this week. So grateful to have been able to receive it through my employer….I know so many who are still anxiously awaiting their turn. I can only hope that with the numbers of those vaccinated increasing that we will be able to return to some sense of normalcy.

I haven’t gotten a a lot of feedback on my posts so far….okay in all honesty I’ve gotten none lol. But I’m genuinely curious and interested….if anyone out there is reading this. How are you holding up? We continue to be in crazy, uncertain times. It’s important to not feel alone. If you want, share with me your stories or feelings about the ongoing pandemic. I’m a good listener…


Published by megclifton75

I was born and raised in Western NY. I’m college educated with a 20+ year career in Human Services/Mental Health. I currently work in Suicide Prevention/Crisis Intervention. I’m close to my family, love music, books, seeing new places, and being anywhere near water. I’m a deep thinker, have a big heart, and believe this world could use more kindness and common sense.

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