A work in progress….

I come from a family of ‘up in the morning, don’t waste a moment of the day’ kind of people. They work hard, take care of things themselves, and are particular about the quality of their work….whatever the task or project may be.

I am certainly capable of hard work and take pride in the quality of that work, but I’m a bit slower to get started. I have never been a morning person, I can easily go from bed to couch and wile away a day accomplishing little but feeling guilty about it later. I get easily overwhelmed when the to do list gets too long, and anxious about trying something new and messing it up. These tendencies often prevent me from getting started or making decisions.

I struggle to understand sometimes how I could be so different from the people I come from and worry at times that I am a disappointment to them. But then I remind myself that I have other strengths. There are things I do well or that come naturally to me that might not be so natural or comfortable for them. I need to spend less time comparing myself and more time being less judgmental of myself. I have ALWAYS been my own harshest critic and have worried too much about how others see me.

Today I feel good about sleeping in but not heading from the bed to the couch. I got up and got moving, I made decisions and crossed at least one major thing off the ever growing/changing to do list….I made progress.

I think all too often we worry about living up to expectations or doing everything the way we perceive to be “right way”. The truth is, every day is different, some days we are going to do better than others, and life is not about comparing yourself to what others around you are doing. We are all a work in progress….and probably always will be.


Published by megclifton75

I was born and raised in Western NY. I’m college educated with a 20+ year career in Human Services/Mental Health. I currently work in Suicide Prevention/Crisis Intervention. I’m close to my family, love music, books, seeing new places, and being anywhere near water. I’m a deep thinker, have a big heart, and believe this world could use more kindness and common sense.

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