December already???

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted. Not sure anyone out there really cares what I have to say lol. But I’ve felt compelled to post again the last few days anyway….so here I am.

I can’t believe we are so close to the end of 2021! It’s been another unusual year as we navigate life with Covid, life with such social and political division. I still just wish we could be kind to one another, respect one another’s differing opinions, and care about one another’s safety. But that’s just how I roll. I’ll always hope for the best of humanity and grieve the worst.

Those of you who know me know that I am a Spring/Summer girl. Give me sunshine, warmth, and days at the lake and I’m at my happiest. That being said, I’m also a lover of Christmas. That love is slightly more complicated however. I love the lights, the music, the spirit, the traditions. I’m blessed with a close family who values one another, our time together, and the traditions we share during the season. But I also struggle with the fact that I haven’t added my own branch to that family and the fear that someday I will be alone. I struggle to grasp arriving at middle age and being on my own. In many aspects I’m incredibly proud and in many others I feel incredible lacking.

All this being shared, I have to say that today is one I am trying to appreciate the beauty of. We’ve had snow and the conditions are just right so that it sparkles. There is a beautiful crescent moon in the sky that helps enhance that. My home is warm and festive. Elvis is singing about a Blue Christmas as I make dinner. I’ve completed some Christmas Shopping….not all, but much more than the day before. I will close out this day as a good one.

I hope you are all doing well and coping with the mixed emotions this season brings so many. Know that you are not alone!


Published by megclifton75

I was born and raised in Western NY. I’m college educated with a 20+ year career in Human Services/Mental Health. I currently work in Suicide Prevention/Crisis Intervention. I’m close to my family, love music, books, seeing new places, and being anywhere near water. I’m a deep thinker, have a big heart, and believe this world could use more kindness and common sense.

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